Spring ‘17 APA NW Chapter Newsletter

Thu 04th May, 2017

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Meeting Round Up
Thanks to everyone who came out to our first social event in a while.  It was great to see friends, renew old contacts, and put names to new faces.  It’s been a while since we’d held a social event, but it’s our plan to host regular meet-ups, starting with this one just past.  Staying in touch face-to-face is as important as ever – remember that when it comes to clients, too!  Check the website for future events and follow our social channels for up-to-date event info and other news.  And speaking of which . .

New Online Presence
APA NW is proud to announce our new website now live at http://nw.apanational.org!  As an organization, APA has been updating websites nationwide starting with the APA National site, and updates are now making their way down to the chapters.  Our APA NW site hosts local sections for News, Events, and Inspiration, and also includes sections on Member Benefits, Advocacy, and Find-a-Photographer that are linked to the National site and member database.  You’ll also see our APA NW twitter feed right on the homepage.  And speaking of which . . .

Our growing online presence includes our two new and growing social accounts on Twitter @apanorthwest and Instagram @apanorthwest.  Please follow us there so we may follow you back and help boost your posts, as well as keep you up to date on news, events, and plans. It’s pretty easy, they’re both @apanorthwest!  The more follows and shares we all create, the higher profile our members are, the higher profile our organization is, and the better for all APA members! 

Featured Photographer Program
At the meeting, we also announced our new APA NW Featured Photographer Program.  Put simply, APA’s goal is, “more successful photographers,” and one way APA NW will help make this happen will be through our Featured Photographer program. 6-12 times per year, we’ll feature a different member on our website as well as via our social media accounts. We’ll interview the Featured Photographer and post that interview on the website as well as post about them to our social accounts, all to generate opportunities to share and link.  Also, we’ll ask for 8-12 images that we can include with the interview, share on our social channels, provide eye-candy for viewers, and be shared by other APA chapters.  We hope to generate great buzz for members and get your work seen!

After a random drawing, our first Featured Photographer will be Seattle-based Rob Casey

Rob's APA NW Featured Photographer profile and gallery appear here.  And congratulations are also due to Ana Raab, Sierra Hartman, and Jeffrey Engelstad who’ll be the next three in line.  More info on the Featured Photographer program can be found on the Chapter Benefits section of the website here.

YOUR chapter, what do YOU want?
We passed out a short survey at the meeting asking why members join APA and what you’d like to see more of from your chapter.  The same survey is re-created online here and we’d love as much feedback as possible.  We want to make your chapter work harder for you, but we need to know what you need.  If you filled out the paper survey, no need to do it again. But if not, please take 3 minutes (it’s only six questions!) to give us some guidance – this is your chance! 


APA Benefits
Lastly, did you know that your APA membership comes with a whole host of both local AND National-level benefits built right in?  This issue’s highlighted benefit is the APA Find-A-Member Gallery hosted on the APA National website.

All APA Members, at any level, receive a listing in the Find-a-Member databaseTo create your listing:

  • first log in to your APA account by choosing “Log In” from the top menu on the APA NW homepage.
  • Once logged in, you’ll see a “My APA” link in the same top menu.  Click that to take you to the national member database where you may need to enter your log-in again (sorry).
  • Now on the My APA Account page, look for the Edit My Public Profile link on the right, and create your listing!
  • Questions? Contact the National membership rep, Jeff Kausch members@apanational.org.

That’s all for this issue, hope everyone’s having a great Spring season!



Wed 02 May, 2018

Flying By The Seat of Your Pants

UPDATE 4/25/18 -- This event has been postponed indefinitely.



Tue 23rd Jan, 2018

Group Copyright Registration of Unpublished Photographs to be Limited to 750

Group Registration of Published or Unpublished Photos will be limited to 750 photographs in each claim starting on Feb 20.