Featured Photographer - Ana Raab, Multi-Disciplinary Creative

Mon 11th Dec, 2017

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Seattle photographer, producer, and APA NW member, Ana Raab , makes her home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, with its stately turn-of-the-last-century homes on tree lined streets that have always been an attraction to her – and most everyone else who passes through.  Ana currently works full-time as a Creative producer at Wildern Design & Interactive, a creative/branding agency in Seattle, where she manages client facing communications.  Ana uses her photography training both professionally and personally and is an example of the many multi-disciplinary creatives who are APA members.Ana-Raab-APA-Northwest-featured-photographer-Seattle

Ana graduated from Santa Clara University in northern California in 2007 with a major in Communications.  With her degree in hand, Ana then moved to New York City where she found work in the indie film industry for the next seven years, working in the marketing departments for the Weinstein Company and Focus Features on such films as The King’s Speech and Dallas Buyer’s Club.

But by 2014 Ana had had enough of NYC and returned to Seattle.  Wanting to explore her creative side, she enrolled in the Seattle Central College commercial photography program under the now-retired Alejandro Tomas.  Among the many assignments Ana completed during her two years at SCC, she saw an opportunity to photograph those same stately old homes she had so admired growing up in the old neighborhood.  Having a degree in marketing paid off as Ana approached the home owners who were surprisingly warm and welcoming to Ana’s project.  Imagine being a retiree and a young woman knocks on your door asking permission to come in and photograph you and your house?  But marketing is all about creating an atmosphere or a mystique around a product that invites others to buy in.  Judging by the finished images, it appears Ana was able to make them comfortable.  The collection is an intimate peek into the homes, their owners, and the stories behind both

We asked Ana to comment from her rare perspective of someone working on both sides of the camera – what are some important qualities you like to see in photographers you work with?  She replies,

“The two biggest factors for me are a strong work ethic and enthusiasm/positivity. From the production side, a photographer who's willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and maintains a positive attitude on set, especially in the face of unexpected challenges or last-minute changes, is invaluable. Also, a solid creative vision and the communication skills to convey that vision.  With a strong leader in pre-production and on set, the crew gets behind the vision and the end result is much better for it.”

APA isn’t just about photographers, it’s about creative people.  APA’s former name was Advertising Photographers of America and some years ago we changed to American Photographic Artists to better capture the new realitites and blurring lines of the equipment, the usage, and the process of visual communications.  APA is all about supporting professional creatives and Ana is a great example of a multi-disciplinary creative professional.  Writes Ana:

“While admittedly I am not the most active APA member, I do appreciate the professional network it provides and the knowledge that when partnering with a fellow APA'er on any aspect of a shoot/production, I know we share a common level of professionalism and shared enthusiasm.  A strong community of driven, inspired folks is a powerful thing.”

We couldn’t agree more Ana.  Thanks for being an APA Amember, we’re proud to have you.  Find out more about Ana on her website http://anaraab.com



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