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APA NW Featured Photographer Program

Put simply, APA’s goal is, “more successful photographers.”  One way the Northwest chapter helps make this happen is through our Featured Photographer Program.

6-12 times per year, we’ll be featuring a different APANW member on our website as well as via our social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram.  As a Featured Photographer, we’ll interview you and post that interview on our website that you may link to and promote.  We’ll also post about you to our social accounts during your featured time and generate more opportunities to share.  We encourage all APA photographers to follow our accounts, share our posts, and help generate buzz for our members.  The higher profile our members are, the higher profile our organization is, and the better for all APA members.

Featured Photographers will be asked to provide 8-12 photos that we can add to the interview and also post to social media throughout your time being featured.  The slideshow format of our website galleries means horizontal photos work better than verticals. You don’t need to exclude verticals, but you may want to consider laying two out side-by-side to create a horizontal layout.  Please size the images and/or layouts to 1200px long by 800px tall and embed the sRGB color space.  We HIGHLY recommend you supply us with watermarked photos that have been registered with the US Copyright Office.  Posting photos to social media means accepting those companies’ Terms of Service (ToS), which are not without risk. APA has an analysis of social media ToS here.

Delivering images to us to post with your interview means you agree to the following:

I hereby agree to allow the use of my image(s) by American Photographic Artists (APA) and the APA Northwest chapter (APANW) for their Featured Photographer program.  I understand that as part of the program, my images will appear on the APANW website, and also possibly the APA National website, may be archived on those sites indefinitely, and may be used in newsletters or other announcements about APA, its chapters, or the Featured Photographer program.  APA or APANW will not use the image(s) for any other purpose without permission.  I warrant that I am the copyright holder of the image(s) and / or that I have the right to grant such permission and that I will not hold APA or APANW responsible for any unauthorized use of the image(s) as the result of actions by a third party.

Our Featured Photographers are selected at random during various times of the year – usually in conjunction with chapter meetings, contests, or other events.  You must be a member in good standing, at any level, during the time you are featured.  To ensure the most possible exposure for everyone, no member will be featured more frequently than once every three years although member features will stay on the website indefinitely.  If you drop your membership in the future, your feature may be removed.  Also, your feature will of course be removed if you ask us to.

Questions? Contact APANW Chapter Chair, Greg Probst

APA NW Chapter Member Benefits

1. Job Referrals from our Regional Chapter Executive Director (APA NW is an Associate Chapter of APA SF)

2. Expert Business Advice from our Regional Chapter Executive Director

3. Full 50% discount on all APA NW Event Admission fees

4. Periodic Member Only Updates

5. Most Members are entitled to post appropriate Rental Studio ads on our website

6. Members can proactively participate in helping produce Chapter events

7. Qualified Professional & Leader Members can serve on Chapter Board and help APA make more progress

8. Member to Members (m2m) Email Service for job opportunities, events, classifieds (see below)

APA NW Member to Members Policies                               

APA NW m2m emails are a great way to selectively reach a safe, all-APA-NW-Member audience with classifieds, or event announcements. m2ms are generally sent out when we receive them and no more than once a week as a single compilation edition which usually include more than one members' ads or event announcements. These weekly editions are currently scheduled to go out each Friday. The final deadline is 2:00 PM the day before (each Thursday). Members' messages received after the deadline will be sent out in the following week's edition.
Members' Messages will be listed within the m2m Weekly Edition in the order in which they are received, with the member's name or company name at the top of each message. Please be sure to spell check and carefully proofread your message--all messages will be sent out as is.

If you are interested in any m2m offers, please respond directly to the APA Member listed in the message; we simply cannot forward replies.

m2m is a regional benefit for APA NW members only. If you are an APA NW Leader,  Professional, Associate, or Supporter Member in good standing, you can send out appropriate m2m emails by simply emailing your text only message to us at (APA NW is an Associate Chapter of APA SF, our Regional Chapter).
Member Event announcements and Studio Rental posts can include a banner or graphic; send us a RBG, 150 ppi, 4" wide JPG.
We do not send out any attachments but you can include links within your message. We will forward your message right out on the upcoming Friday; be sure to include in your text a way (email address or phone) for interested people to respond directly to you, because we cannot forward replies.
The APA NW m2m Weekly Edition service is reserved for APA NW Members' Photo Equipment for Sale Classifieds, appropriate Member Job Opportunities, Studio Rental Classifieds, or Member Exhibit/Events, and Supporter (crew) Classified (30 words maximum) announcements only.


Please consolidate all of your current m2m information into one message. To avoid inundating our members with too many lengthy emails, we will only send out one m2m message per month from any APA NW Supporter Member -- APA NW Leader and Professional members are entitled to two m2m messages per month.

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Tue 23rd Jan, 2018

Group Copyright Registration of Unpublished Photographs to be Limited to 750

Group Registration of Published or Unpublished Photos will be limited to 750 photographs in each claim starting on Feb 20.